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Logging in

UtilityX is a fully-decentralized Web3 platform. To use UtilityX, you must have:

  • A supported Web3 wallet installed (for example, Anchor);

  • An account on the UX Network blockchain;

  • Your account's private key already stored on your Web3 wallet.

If you have met all these prerequisites, you can click on the Login / SignUp button on the top right:

A pop-up window should appear, which allows you to select your Web3 wallet (for example, Anchor). You must have a UX Network account, and the Web3 wallet you select must already have that account loaded.

When you click on the button that connects you to your Web3 wallet of choice, the UtilityX website on your browser will initiate a procedure to connect to your specific Web3 wallet. This procedure will depend on the Web3 wallet you have chosen.

As an example, the connection procedure for Anchor may open a pop-up with a QR Code image, and an Open Anchor app link below the QR code, which you can click to connect if you are using the Desktop version of Anchor.

When you are successfully logged in, you should see, in the top right corner, the name of the blockchain and the name of your account:

NOTE: All the example screen images in this guide will picture a UX Network account named testutilityx. Naturally, you will be using your own account, which will display a different name.