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You can create referral links to UtilityX.

To do that, first click on Referrals on the menu at the top:

You will need to prove your identity using your UX Network account by clicking on Sign verification:

Your wallet should pop up, requesting you to sign an identity request. Once you sign it, UtilityX will display your current referral links, as well as the number of users who accessed it. If you have not created referral links yet, it will show you an empty list:

By clicking on Generate A New Link, you can create referral links. Here's an example of what happens when one referral link is created:

If you click on one of your referral links, it will be copied to the clipboard.

When it is copied to the clipboard, the following notification shows up at the bottom right of UtilityX:

And now you can paste that link wherever you want.